The Community Show #27

By | October 29, 2015

IMG_4757Broadcast on Thursday 29th October 2015.  We were joined by Captain Social from Edenbridge Bonfire Society, aka Jeni Fox.  The Edenbridge Bonfire Society are building up to their BIG Torchlit Procession and Firework Extravaganza in the sleepy Kent town of Edenbridge on 7th November when thousands of people will descend upon the town to witness the parade and to find out who will be blown up as this year’s Celebrity Guy.

This particular Bonfire Society has been around since the 1920’s and it’s not until you reach Sussex that you find a huge number of towns have their own Bonfire Societies.  Edenbridge is often featured in the press and on TV in the run up to the event due to the Celebrity Guy identity as it’s often a controversial character who has been featured very much in the news over the preceding 12 months.  Jeni may not have given us any clues as to his/her identity but we were informed it’s going to be the tallest guy yet, standing at 86ft tall!  What a whopper!

Tickets can be purchased in advance at £6 for adults | £3 children at various outlets in Edenbridge Town.  You can find out all the latest updates from the society via their Facebook page /EdenbridgeBonfire or for more information and background information go to their website

Listen to the show to find out more about 7th November and of course all the usual event announcements, shout outs, music and banter with Laura and Russell!

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