The Community Radio Show #200

By | July 19, 2019

Broadcast on Thursday 18th July 2019. I was joined by Phil Bungay, Nicola Moy and Jane Cullen who are organising the first Medway Neuro Arts Festival taking place THIS weekend – 20-21st July 2019.

Listen to the show to hear how Phil’s idea has taken off in a big way and all the support he has managed to get to organise such a large event. Nicola has been organising the finer detail with her strong project management background and author Jane Cullen who’s play ‘Say that again’ has already sold out on the Saturday but if you’re quick you can book a place on Sunday’s performance although tickets for that too are going fast!

The Community Show Podcast #200

For further information visit: and to buy a copy of Jane’s book ‘Say that again’ visit

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