The Community Radio Show #140

By | March 8, 2018

Broadcast on Thursday 8th March 2018.  With Ken away for the next two weeks I was delighted to welcome stand in co-host Joseph Wooltorton to step in and what a super job he did.

Our studio guest was Linda Trew, Head of Fundraising at ellenor – providing support and services for families facing terminal illness.  Listen to the show to find out more about the services and support provided by ellenor, how the local community offered transport to the nurses during the snow last week so they could continue visiting patients and how you can get involved in fundraising for the charity.  It was through taking part in a fundraising trek herself that Linda was inspired to move into a fundraising career.  What will you be inspired to do?

To find out more about ellenor and any of the subjects covered in today’s show:

Website: | Email: | Telephone: 01474 320 007 | Facebook: @ellenorcharity | Twitter: @ellenorcharity


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