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The Community Radio Show #207

Broadcast on Thursday 31st October 2019. Our show guest was Andrea Deans from the Edenbridge Bonfire Society to talk about their big event coming up this weekend, Saturday 2nd November 2019. Listen to the show to find out what makes Edenbridge Bonfire unique and why the press flock to this small Kent town when Bonfire Night comes around.… Read More »

The Community Radio Show #171

Broadcast on Thursday 1st November 2018.  It was Laura’s FIRST solo show but she wasn’t completely alone as a pumpkin version of Joseph was there to keep her company. Listen to the show to hear the live telephone interview with the Edenbridge Bonfire Society artist Andrea Deans who, just a few days ago completed an 11m effigy of… Read More »

The Community Radio Show #125

Broadcast on Thursday 2nd November.  We were joined on the phone by Edenbridge Bonfire Society spokesperson Andrea Deans who has been the main artist behind 2 11m effigies due to go up in a mix of gun powder and smoke at the annual Edenbridge Bonfire event this Saturday 4th November. We also spoke with Carl Lewis from Tonbridge Poppy… Read More »

The Community Show #27

Broadcast on Thursday 29th October 2015.  We were joined by Captain Social from Edenbridge Bonfire Society, aka Jeni Fox.  The Edenbridge Bonfire Society are building up to their BIG Torchlit Procession and Firework Extravaganza in the sleepy Kent town of Edenbridge on 7th November when thousands of people will descend upon the town to witness the parade and… Read More »